I started the in 1985 after completing an apprenticeship in Piano Tuning and Repairs. I started at ‘Knights Piano Factory UK’ and have worked for many years as a piano tuner and technician to the retail piano trade. I also carry out work on behalf of Insurance Companies after flood and fire damage has occurred to pianos.

Today the Piano Tuning Company offers everything from Piano tuning, repairs, regulating, restringing to full renovations including casework overhauls (Re-Polishing). We cover the whole of South Wales and we serve many Theatres, churches, schools, Music professionals and teachers as well as private clients. We tune and repair every make of Piano and also offer piano / keyboard lessons.


We tune hundreds of pianos every year and also offer a reminder service for your next tuning.

  • We provided play writer ‘Ray Cooney’ with an upright piano, which is being well played in the west end of London.
  • One of our tuners enjoyed a cup of tea with ‘Baldrick’s’ (Tony Robinson’s) mum as he tuned the family grand piano. (Just one of the many nice little occasions!)

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